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Instant Ramen Noodle Making Machine, Rice Noodle Machine & Cellophane Glass Noodle Line

We are Da Sanjiang Machinery Co, Ltd., leading manufacturer of instant noodle machines and automatic production lines that make instant noodles, instant ramen noodles, rice noodles, and easy cooking instant noodles (Chinese Hakka noodles and Japanese ramen). Our products include fully automatic fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, the easy cooking instant ramen noodle production line, pre-cooked and fresh raw instant ramen noodle making machines, and other instant noodle machinery and noodle equipment.

We provide the complete set of instant noodle processing line as well as the individual industrial instant noodle making machines, ramen machines, and the Asian vermicelli rice noodle machines and production lines that feed on granular rice or starch made from mung bean, rice, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca and other starch to produce cellophane noodles (glass noodles or Sotanghon), and Chinese rice noodles Bihon (bihun). We also make Italian pasta production lines.

Our company has recently acquired all the assets of Guangzhou Institute of Food Science (formerly known as Guangzhou Grain Machinery Factory,transaction ID SW2014R0185-2-01 粉丝方便面成套设备via Guangzhou City Property Exchange). We also recruited their engineers, managers, senior technicians and so on. This 30 years old enterprise, the only state-owned manufacturer of the grain processing machines in Guangdong Province , has ended their business in food machinery manufacturing and its human resources and the processing equipment has merged into our company - we are growing more and more powerful.

We are eager to serve you with our skills and expertise.

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To Run Our Noodle Plant of Instant Noodle Production Line, Ramen Line or Rice Noodle Line, only Two Operators Are Needed

Equipped with highly advanced PLC control system of transmitter, converter, sensors, relays, contactors and switches (Siemens, Fuji and Omron), our noodle plant of instant noodle production line, Ramen noodle line, and rice noodle line are designed to be operated by only two operators. On the other hand, we can also provide less automatic and hence less expensive individual noodle machines and production lines for our customers to update their existing noodle production line, or design a complete set of industrial instant noodle making machines following customer's specification of automation level.

We are doing turnkey projects, extension projects, replacement machines and parts of wheat and rice noodle making plants, fried and non-fried instant noodle plants, and Asian rice noodle machine and Italian pasta manufacturing plants. Da Sanjiang noodle machinery is a leading brand name in Asia and we have customers all over the world.

Fried and Non-fried Instant Noodle Making Plant, Easy Cooking Ramen Noodle Machinery, Stick Noodle Processing Line and Other Instant Noodle Equipment

Da Sanjiang instant noodle machinery and ramen Noodle Equipment Serials include the automatic fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, the easy cooking ramen noodle production lines, the hand-shaped easy cooking noodle processing lines, the fresh wet noodle lines that make Japanese ramen noodles, Hakka noodles, and rice noodle machines and rice vermicelli lines:

Industrial Instant Noodle Machines: Four-in-One Corrugated Instant Noodle and Bow Tie Pasta Production Line

One of our À la carte customer specified design of a complete set of the industrial instant noodle machines is the noodle making plant that can make the three main stream Corrugated Instant Noodles, namely, fried instant noodles, easy cooking instant noodles and hand-arranged dry noodle lumps as well as Italian bow tie pasta.

Our Macaroni Pasta Production Line Makes Noodles and Macaroni Pasta on the Same Pasta Line

With the advanced extruding technology, this is the noodles and pasta production line that can make macaroni pasta as well as noodles. Our automatic noodles and macaroni pasta line with the state-of-art extruding process makes a variety of shapes of pasta, namely, spaghetti, lasagne, penne, shell and macaroni. The shaping of the products is by extruding instead of by cutting. This pasta making processing line can use durum wheat semolina or regular wheat flour to make a large variety of macaroni pasta products.

We are Noodle Machine Manufacturer Providing Ramen Noodle Making Equipment Following Our Customer's Specification

We are well known ramen noodle machine manufacturer providing instant noodle production lines and other noodle machinery following our customer's design or specification, including the fully automatic Da Sanjiang instant noodle machine, ramen machine, the instant noodle production line, easy cooking instant noodle machinery and noodle equipment -namely the wheat instant noodle line, the instant noodles making machine, the Asian Chinese vermicelli rice noodle line, the individual rice noodle machine, rice noodles production line, stick noodle production line, and durum semolina Italian macaroni pasta production line.

Difference between fried and non-fried instant noodle processing lines; rice and wheat flour noodle making lines; the dried easy cooking noodlesitemap.xml line; the stick noodle line; and the wet fresh noodle production line

Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

This is the automatic complete set of the instant noodle machines that makes the instant noodles in the mainstream noodle market by frying the precooked noodles in deep fryer at 140 - 160 degree Celsius. The process is as follows:

Flour+water → dough making → sheeting → noodle threading → steaming → deep frying → cooling → packing.

Non-fried Instant Noodle Line

This automatic instant noodle production line makes instant noodles by drying the precooked noodles in hot-air tunnel dryer at 70 - 95 degree Celsius. The process is as follows:

Flour+water → dough making → sheeting → noodle threading → steaming → hot-air drying → cooling → packaging.
Flour of high quality and addition of starch is essential to make good non-fried instant noodles.

Stick Noodle Production Line

The raw noodles were hanged-dried in a drying chamber for prolonged hours at low temperature (35-50 degree Celsius) for 3 - 7 hours. The noodles made by this process taste very close to fresh noodle. The process is as follows:

Flour+water → dough making → sheeting → noodle threading → hanged drying → cooling → packaging.

Chinese Glass Noodle Production Line

This line makes instant and easy cooking transparent vermicelli. The process is as follows:

Rice+water → soaking → rice milling → dough making → line extruding → noodle extruding → steaming → cooking → hanged drying → cooling → packaging.

Instant noodles are precooked dried noodles, usually by the processes of steaming and deep frying; this is the instant noodle production line that most of the instant noodle manufacturers currently adopt. However, we have the up-to-day technologies to make instant noodles by steaming and hot-air drying and our company is very strong in the field of non-fried instant noodle machines. The non-fried instant noodle production line is becoming increasingly very popular. Easy cooking dried noodles are usually precooked by steaming before the noodles are dried in drying machines. But stick noodles are actually "dried raw noodles", which is made by drying the raw noodle on hangers in a drying chamber under lower temperature. Stick noodles look like Italian spaghetti; and because less processing processes are involved, stick noodles keep the favour of raw noodles have the taste of fresh Asian ramen noodles. We also manufacture Da Sanjiang noodles machine that make frozen fresh wet noodles, either precooked wet noodles or raw wet noodles.

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