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Instant Noodle Machine, Production Line: Dried/Fried/Fresh Noodles Making

We are Da SanJiang Machinery Co., Ltd. from Guangzhou, China. We make fried, non-fried and fresh instant noodle machine and build instant noodle making plants. DSJ instant noodles making machine, ramen and rice vermicelli instant noodles production line make instant cup noodles and bag noodles, easy-to-cook dry ramen noodles and corn/mung bean/potato/cassava/rice vermicelli. All our noodle machines are made of food grade stainless steel, and are fully automatic.

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Ramen Instant Noodle Machine

Dry Instant Noodles Making Machine

Unlike non-fried instant noodles, easy-to-cook dry instant noodles are not fully precooked so that you need to cook them before serving. Hot-air-dried noodle blocks made by our instant noodle making machines are ready to serve after cooking for 5 minutes in microwave oven.

Instant Noodles Production Line Showcases

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Recent projects completed by Da SanJiang and staff members:
▶️ Fried Instant Noodles Production Line
▶️ Non-fried Instant Noodles Production Line
▶️ Easy-to-cook Instant Noodle Line
▶️ Fresh Instant Noodles Production Line
▶️ Starch/Rice Vermicelli Production Line
▶️ Instant Rice Vermicelli Noodle Production Line

Products of ramen instant noodles processing line and rice vermicelli noodles processing line built by Da SanJiang:


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