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La máquina para hacer fideos instantáneos y la línea de producción
- Para productos de fideos secos, fritos o húmedos

Máquina para hacer fideos de arroz
- Se alimenta de arroz, frijol o maicena Unidades de molienda de arroz incluidas

Instant Noodle Making Machine & Production Line
- For Dried, Fried or Wet Noodle Products

Rice Vermicelli Making Machine
- Feeds on Rice, Bean or Cornstarch Etc
Rice Milling Units Included

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Somos reconocidos como PYME de base tecnológica a nivel nacional
por el Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnología de
la República Popular China en 2021.

Línea de producción y máquina de fideos instantáneos Da Sanjiang®

Líneas de producción de fideos instantáneos fritos y no fritos, máquinas de
fideos instantáneos Assian Vermicelli
para hacer fideos instantáneos de ramen secos y fritos Fideos
de vidrio de fideos de celofán de arroz/almidón

Da Sanjiang (达三江) es un fabricante y exportador original de máquinas de fideos instantáneos y fideos de arroz con harina de trigo de China. Estamos haciendo proyectos llave en mano de plantas de fideos instantáneos en todo el mundo y también proporcionamos máquinas y piezas para la actualización y el mantenimiento del proceso de alimentos. Incluso construimos dos líneas de producción de fideos instantáneos frescos con una capacidad de producción total de 12 a 20 toneladas por turno en el Reino Unido, la primera nación industrializada del mundo.

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Vídeo de exhibición: Línea de producción de fideos instantáneos para cocción seca
En Hungría, Europa, construida por nuestro equipo

Esta es una línea de producción de fideos instantáneos secos (8 carriles, sistema de rodillos de presión de 600 mm), construida e instalada por nuestro equipo en Hungría en Europa. La línea de producción cuenta con el ajuste automático de la forma de los bloques de fideos en las matrices de bandejas de fideos y el apilamiento automático de los soportes de las bandejas de fideos antes de que las pilas se coloquen en los secadores de fideos de operación por lotes. La capacidad de producción del conjunto completo de máquinas de fideos instantáneos es de 360 000 paquetes o 27 toneladas de bloques de fideos secos por día.

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This is the testimonial plate awarded by the Department of Science and Technology,
the People's Republic of China in 2021. We are recognized as a National-Level Technology-Based-SME

Our products and services include the Japanese ramen instant noodle machine compatible instant noodle production lines - the fried instant noodle machine, the non-fried instant noodle machine, instant noodle making machines, and the instant rice noodle machine - the Asian rice vermicelli cellophane glass noodle machine and production line that feeds on granular rice or starch made from mung bean, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca, etc. These complete sets of equipment of the instant noodle machine can produce either dried or fried instant noodles, glass noodles, Sotanghon, or Vietnamese instant rice noodles (bihon or bihun). We also make Italian pasta machines, production lines and other food processing equipment.

FIN Type Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

Feature of FIN Type Instant Noodle Machine Complete Set of Equipment

FIN instant noodle production line (instant noodle machine complete set of equipment) is developed by our company according to market requirement. These instant noodle machines have the following merits: advanced design; compact configuration; convenient installation; easy operation; safety & reliability; low energy consumption; noiseless (≤80db); Steady running. The parts that are in contact with foodstuff (except for the cutting reamer and the noodle comb) are all made of high quality stainless steel with attractive appearance or materials following the national standard for food hygiene. The complete set of instant noodle production line adopts PLC programmable controller as the control center for automatic control of the production process, in order to realize the perfect combination of machine-electricity integration. This production line is a relatively advanced fried instant noodle production line for the present time.

Function of FIN Type Instant Noodle Production Line
(Complete of Instant Noodle Machines)

FIN instant noodle production line is used for continuous production of fried instant noodles. Fried instant noodle blocks made by this complete set of instant noodle machines have a tidy and beautiful outline, uniform density of ripple, and consistent color. Products of this instant noodle production line can be dunked in hot water to prepare noodle soap as well as directly eaten as crunchy foods. After dunking, the instant noodles become soft and flexible with nice mouthfeel, savory taste for direct eating. This production line is recommended to use 24℃ palm oil as raw material frying oil.

Operation Environment of the Instant Noodle Machines

The instant noodle machines are applicable in the circumstance as below:

Altitude below 2000m, workshops temperature above 5℃, 380V±5%、50Hz power supply, tap water pressure ≥0.8Mpa, and approximated 1500kg/h saturated steam.

The workshop of the instant noodle production line should be at the same time up to the demand of the sanitation qualification in the users’ nation.


Nine Lane Modern Fried Instant Noodle Making Machines

A complete set of instant noodle machines (9 lanes) made and installed by Da Sanjiang for Excel Foods Private Limited, India, The noodle manufacturing process features:

Output: 330,000 (pcs/shift); Power capacity 178(kW); Steam consumption: 3500(kg/hr); Operators 5 /shift; Dimension: 125X8X7.2 meters.

Similar projects of noodle factorys accomplished by Da Sanjiang are: Smart Food & Snacks Pvt. Ltd Nepal, Output: 210,000 (pcs/shift); FMF Snax Limited C/O Flour Mills Of Fiji Ltd, Fij Project, Output: 150,000 (pcs/shift); A A Nutrition's, Assam, India, Output: 100,000 (pcs/shift).


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Instant Rice Noodle Production Line (Self-Cooking Extrusion Process)

Instant rice noodles are also known as convenience rice noodles. The products are crystal appearance, regular shape, non-sticky, firm texture, soaked in hot water at 85-100 degrees Cellius for 3 minutes before serving. With its unique flavor, smooth taste, fast rehydration, palatable bite and rich taste, it is widely popular in China and overseas.

There are two types of products: bagged and bowlled. Quality standards: finished product water content 10-12%, finished product rate 90-93%.

Flowsheet of The Self-Cooking Instant Rice Noodle Production Line:

Mixing rice → washing and soaking rice → adding starch → milling → kneading → sitting → steaming and self cooking → rice vermicelli noodle extrusion → vermicelli noodle conveying & aging → complex Steaming → cooling → vermicelli noodle quenching → cutting → measuring → instant rice noodle block shaping → tray casing → drying → instant rice noodles

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Video Showcase: Our Automatic Instant Rice Noodle Machines

-Varieties of machines that make ramen instant noodle and rice vermicelli, originally developed by the former Guangzhou Institute of Food Science, perfected by Da Sanjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. - In January 2015, Da Sanjiang acquired this state owned enterprise and its factory. Please view ▶️ Da Sanjiang YouTube Channel for other rice vermicelli machines and fried ramen instant noodle machines and production line developed by GIFS and Da Sanjiang

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Corrugated Rice, Corn & Potato Vermicelli, Cellophane Glass Noodle Machine (Extruding Process)

This is a fully automatic corn starch vermicelli instant glass noodle production line (4 Lanes) in Indonesia, designed, built and installed by us. Its capacity is 4 tons of dry corrugated instant vermicelli noodle blocks per 8 hour shift.

This complete set of vermicelli machines can make corn vermicelli, potato vermicelli, yam vermicelli, cassava vermicelli, mungbean vermicelli, and rice cellophane glass vermicelli with cornstarch, potato starch, tuber starch or rice flour as raw material.

Flowsheet of the Noodle Manufacturing Process:

Steaming & Mixing (Dough Preparation) → Dough Strip Extruding → Vermicelli Extruding & Corrugated Ripple Forming → Vermicelli Steaming → First Stage Cooling → Vermicelli Block Cutting → Hot-Air Drying → Second Stage Cooling → Packaging → Finished Products

The cellophane vermicelli glass noodles are traditionally made from mung beans starch. Cornstarch or sweet potato starch can also be used to make cellophane noodles and corn/potato glass noodles are increasingly become popular.


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Dry Noodle Machine, Cooking Instant Noodle Production Line (Hot-air Dried, Non-fried)

This is a hot-air-dried non-fried easy cooking instant noodle production line built by our team members for a well known Asian food company:

Noodle Factory Output - 6 (ton/ shift) Rated Power - 78 (kW) Steam Consuption - 1,300 (kg/hr) Dimension - 75X5X6 l.w.h (m)

Flowsheet of The Noodle Manufacturing Process:

Flour → Mixing and Dough Preparing → Aging → Rolling → Slitting / Ripple Forming → Steaming → First Cooling → Cutting Folding & Dividing → Drying → Second Cooling → Product

Easy cooking dry instant noodles are meant to be boiled in water for about five minutes before serving.


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Corrugated Starch Instant Vermicelli Noodle Production Line (our recent project in the Philippines)

- Cornstarch vermicelli machines (rice vermicelli glass noodles are also made by this type of processing line with rice mills added).

- 4 Lanes; capacity: 4 tons of dry corrugated instant vermicelli glass noodle blocks per 8 hour shift.

Similar project of noodle factory completed by Da Sanjiang, corrugated cellophane vermicelli glass noodle production line. Showcase Video: ▶️

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9 Lane Fried Instant Noodle Production Line Project for CG Foods

Built by Da Sanjiang Machinery for C G Foods, Assam, India Project, Output: 270,000 (pcs/shift):

This a complete set of instant noodle machines produces bagged or cupped instant noodles by steaming and frying. The noodle manufacturing process:

Flour conveying → Mixing (dough preparing → Dough Aging → Rolling →  Slitting and Ripple Formation → Steaming → 1st Cooling → Cutting and Fold → Frying → Arranging → 2nd Cooling →  Inspecting and Conveying → Product

The instant noodles made by this process will be ready to serve by soaking in boiled water in 3 minutes.

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Instant Rice Vermicelli Noodle Production Line, Installation and Trial Run in Sri Lanka

A complete set of instant rice noodle making machines made and installed by Da Sanjiang for Raigam Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka. Features:

Production output of the noodle factory:
Power capacity 65(kW);
Steam consumption: 2000(kg/hr);
Operators 9 /shift;
Dimension: 68x5x6 meters.

Similar projects accomplished by our team include Pt Indofood Project, Output: 4T/shift; and Acecook Vietnam Co., Ltd. Project, Output: 4T/shift.

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The high quality of the instant noodle machines made by our staff members guarantees the success of the instant noodle plant turn-key projects.

Other fried instant noodle and rice/starch vermicelli plant projects done by our team include:
Himalayan Snax & Noodles Pvt. Ltd., Rupandehi, Nepal, Output: 120,000 (pcs/shift);
and M/S. Maruti Quality Food Products Private Ltd , India, Output: 270,000 (pcs/shift).


Instant Rice Noodle Machines (Dried Instant Jelly Noodle Making, Sheet Spreading Process)

- Advanced Automation of Pneumatic Shape Adjustment of Noodle Blocks

Capacity: 4 tons of dry instant rice noodles per 8 hour shift; Instant Rice Noodle Plant Turn-Key Projects Built by Da Sanjiang; We always use machines of best quality made by us and our partners.

The noodle manufacturing process of this soft instant rice noodle production line is characterized by rice soaking, milling, sheet forming, steamer cooking, sheet aging, noodle shredding, noodle length cutting, advanced automatic placing and fully automatic pneumatic adjusting of noodle blocks in tray arrays, multi-layer continuous drying and finally automatic noodle blocks packaging.

Alternative process 1: Semi-Automatic Dry Instant Noodle Production Line featuring manual placing and arranging of noodle blocks for drying.

Alternative process 2: Automatic Dry Corrugated Instant Noodle Block Production Line (Extruding Process) featuring continuous multi-layer hot-air dryer.

Instant Rice Noodle Production Line (Cellophane Vermicelli Glass Noodle Making)

This complete set of instant rice noodle production line can make instant rice noodles (vermicelli) from raw rice. The rice milling and dehydration machines are all included.

Flowsheet of The Noodle Manufacturing Process:

The following shows how rice vermicelli instant noodles are made by the noodle making machine units. Rice Soaking → Milling → Dehydration → Steaming & Mixing (Dough Preparation) → Dough Strip Extruding → Vermicelli Extruding & Optional Corrugated Ripple Forming → Vermicelli Steaming → First Stage Cooling → Vermicelli Block Cutting → Hot-Air Drying → Second Stage Cooling → Packaging → Finished Products

The best instant rice noodles are made from fresh white rice. It is desirable that the raw rice is stored at least for one year before dehusking and processing.

Loose Cellophane Glass Vermicelli Production Line

Our instant vermicelli noodle plant turn-key projects use the most reliable machines and the automatic control system designed and made by Da Sanjiang and selected partners.

These vermicelli noodles are silky food made from mung bean, sweet potato starch, etc. They are often called dong fun or tang hun (winter vermicelli, mainly in Taiwan). In Japan, cellophane noodles are called harusame (spring rain). The Korean call them dangmyeon (Tang noodles). In Vietnam is called bún tàu, miến or miến dong (made from canna starch).

Cellophane vermicelli noodles are also known as glass noodles. Cellophane noodles are transparent while rice noodles are from transparent, semi-transparent to white depending on the raw material and processing process. They are different; however they are made with similar instant rice noodle production lines. Therefore, the instant vermicelli noodle production line designed for making cellophane noodles can also be used to make rice noodles with rice milling and processing machines added to the line or use rice flour as raw material.

This starch / rice vermicelli production line is characterized by optional rice soaking & milling, starch or rice slurry stiring, sheet forming, steamer cooking, sheet aging, shredding, drying and packaging, a very good alternative to the process of extrusion of pre-cooked starch or rice dough through a die.

Rice Vermicelli Noodle Production Line -Extruding Process With Pressure Steam Cooker Noodle Machine Unites

How extruding type rice vermicelli instant noodles are made by the noodle making machine units? - This complete set of instant rice vermicelli noodle machines makes rice noodles through the following steps:

Slurry Miller, Slurry Screening → Quantitative Steaming and Stirring → Screw Conveyor, Self-Ripening Machine and Vermicelli Extrusion → Vermicelli Spreading, Automatic Set-length Cutting → Vermicelli Steaming → Second Stage Aging → Water Bathing and Vermicelli Spreading → Continuous Drying → Packaging → Cellophane Glass Noodle Products

We always use machines of best quality made by us and our partners.

Tradition Jumbo Yee Mee Noodles Made By Yee Mee Noodle Machine Similar to the Modern Instant Noodle Line

Long before the time of the modern instant noodles made by the instant noodle production line, there were similar pre-fried egg noodles in China called Yee Mee or E-fu noodles. This Yee Mee noodle machine (E-fu noodle machine) makes the great delicacy in bulk quantity by a process similar to the ordinary instant noodle machines, except soda is added in the dough kneeding machine (part of the yee mee noodle machine assembly). The diameter of the Yee Mee noodle block made by this machine is about the size of a regular pizza and the thickness is 2 to 3 inches.

Our yee mee noodle plant turn-key projects use the most reliable machines made by Da Sanjiang and selected partners.

Spaghetti, Stick Noodle and Rice Vermicelli Cutting Machine

Instant Noodle Machines Suitable For Starch Glass Noodles, Rice Vermicelli, and Instant Rice Noodle Production

This a fully automatic long pasta cutting machine suitable for the starch and rice vermicelli production line, starch vermicelli, cellophane glass noodle production line.

Fuji Formost FW340MII Instant Noodle and Biscuit Packaging Machine

We have been the sole agent China of FW340MII instant noodle and biscuit packaging machine for 15 years. Fuji Formost FW-340MII horizontal wrapper. 2up unit capable of speeds up to 300 ppm. Has 13'L lugged chain infeed on 8" centers. 6-1/2" wide seal jaw, 18"L discharge belt, adjustable forming plow, registration. 3/60/208V. Max Package size range: (length) 90 to 350MM (width) up to 140mm (height) up to 60MM.

Fully Automatic Chin Chin Making Machine, Chin Chin Factory, Mixer Machine for Nigerian Lagos Style Dough
- We Use Best Machines Designed and Manufactured By Us and Our Selected Partners For All Our Instant Noodle Plant Turn-Key Projects

Dimension: 3.6x1x2 meters
Nominal Power Capacity: 48kW
Output Capacity: 800kg of fried Nigerian chin chin per 8 hour shift

This complete set of production line consists of chin chin machines that make Nigerian chin chin, Indian Punjabi Chin Chin, Cofresh Chin Chin Mix, Go-Fresh Chin Chin Mix, and Chinese mishi, mafa, and u-tiao fried snacks with different ingredients and raising agents added during dough mixing.

Flowsheet of The Noodle Manufacturing Process:

The following shows how the chin chin factory makes the Nigerian Logos style chin chin:

Raw Material Lifting (Flour, Backing Powder, Margarine, Nutmeg Etc) → Chin Chin Mixer Machine → Aging Feeding → Composite Rolling Chin Chin Cutter → Deep Frying → Cooling → Dispensing → Chin Packaging Machine → Chin Chin Products

1. The oil temperature of the chin chin fryer is automatically controlled throughout the whole process, and the temperature can be set at will from 0 to 300 degrees, which is suitable for frying chin chin snack foods with various market requirements. The heating method can be designed according to user needs, generally electric heating, coal burning, heat transfer oil, etc.

2. The whole fried chin chin production line, consists of the chin chin dough mixer, chin chin cutter, chin chin fryer, and the feeding mesh belt is used for transportation, is made of SUS 304 stainless steel. The conveying speed can be adjusted according to the product type and frying time. The inlet is wrapped with heat insulation material to fully ensure the safety of the workers. The chin chin fryer of the chin chin machines is composed of a mesh belt conveying system, a mesh belt lifting system, an automatic scraping system, an oil temperature control system, and a hot oil circulation system.

3. PLC is used to control solid state relays to achieve fully automatic operation of the fried chin chin making machines system. Labor and production costs are greatly reduced.

4. The complete set of chin chin machines include: the spiral lifting system, vertical lifting system, product delivery systems, slag discharge system, heating system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electric control system, etc. 5. Optional multi-head chin chin packaging machine or regular chin chin sealing machine are available.


Yes, we make Maggi, MAMA and Indomie Noodle Machines.

Our instant noodle production lines are compatible to Japanese noodle machines and the noodle manufacturing process of Maggi Authentic Indian Noodles, MAMA Noodles, Indomie Instant Stir Fry Noodles, Paldo Bibim Myun, Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, Samyang HOT Chicken Flavor Ramen, Ottogi Jin Ramen, Nissin Chicken Ramen, and Sapporo Ichiban Tonkotsu Ramen.


Instant Noodle Machine Unit Operation

The complete set of fried instant noodle making machines are currently the main stream in the instant noodle industry. Fried instant noodles are usually served after soaking them in hot water for 3 minutes without cooking. Dry cooking instant noodles made by the dry noodle machine are less expensive to produce without the extra expense of the frying oil. The difference between the two types of complete sets of instant noodle machines are the dehydration methods, namely deep frying or hot air drying. Rice vermicelli production lines always use the hot-air drying process.

We provide the complete sets of non-fried and fried instant noodle equipment, dry noodle machines as well as the individual instant noodle machines for unit operation. Our product line includes wheat flour and rice noodle machines, that make instant noodles, instant ramen noodles, rice noodles, easy cooking instant noodles (Chinese Hakka noodles and Japanese ramen), banana fryer machines, and Chinese dumpling machines; fully automatic fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, the easy cooking ramen instant noodle production line, pre-cooked and fresh raw instant ramen noodle making machines, and other instant noodle machinery and noodle equipment.

The Recent Development of the Instant Noodle Machine and Noodle Processing

There have been some new developments in the instant noodle industry recently. First, the single line production capacity continues to increase. Increasing the production capacity of a single line can significantly reduce plant investment costs, reduce energy consumption, and reduce labor costs. Second, further reduction of material consumption is achieved. At present, the advanced instant noodle production line has reduced the oil content of noodles to about 17%-19%.

However, when the oil content is reduced to less than 17%, the taste of noodles is adversely affected, so to further reduce consumption is mainly to reduce the loss due to broken noodle blocks. This is to improve the noodle delivery device of the fryer and to improve the noodle transfer process of the cooler, so that the loss of the noodles caused by the crushing of the noodles.

Another development is to improve the dough sitting process. The maturation process of of the dough has a great influence on the shaping and final quality of noodles, and has recently received more attention from manufacturers. It is desirable for the feeder to achieve uniform curing and to ensure that the dough is first in, first out. Recently, belt-conveyor-dough-sitting machines are used in the dried raw spaghetti (stick noodles). We may see the adoption of this process in the instant noodle making machines in the near future.

Flour Mixer For Dough Making
- For the instant noodle machine system
- For the pasta machine system
- For the instant rice noodle machine system
- Used as the chin chin mixer machine

Instant NoodleShredding Machine
- The dough sheet is shredded into noodles that are ready to be steamed in the noodle steamer. Optional corrugated waves of the noodles could be achieved by adjusting the conveyor speed.

Multi-Layer Instant Noodle Machine Steamer
- Optionally you may select the single layer steamer if your have a lot of space. The steamer is a required machine for fried and non-fried instant noodle making plant and dried cooking instant noodle plants.


Our company has acquired all the assets of Guangzhou Institute of Food Science and its manufacturing facility, Guangzhou Grain Machinery Factory,transaction ID SW2014R0185-2-01 via Guangzhou City Property Exchange). We also recruited their engineers, managers, senior technicians and so on. This 30 years old enterprise in the field of the instant noodle machine, the dry noodle machine and rice vermicelli machine business, the only state-owned manufacturer of instant noodle machines in Guangdong Province, has ended their business in food machinery manufacturing and its human resources and the instant production line equipment have merged into our company - we are growing more and more powerful.

An Instant noodle plant with two single-layer steamers constructed and installed by Da Sanjiang


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