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Wheat Flour Category | Rice/Starch_Category | Bagged Noodle Packaging | Bowled/Cupped Noodle Packaging | Seasoning Sachet Machine | Oil_Filter | Cartoning And Other Machines

方便面、意粉线 | 米粉、粉丝线 | 袋装 粉丝-面条包装线 | 碗面包装线 | 酱包、粉包机 | 滤油器 | 装箱机、其它设备


▶️ Nine Instant Noodle Production Lines

▶️ Six Instant Rice Noodle & Starch Glass Noodle Production Lines

Fried Instant Noodle Production Lines 油炸方便面线

Nonfried Instant Noodle Production Lines 非油炸方便面线

Heated-air-dried Easy Cooking Instant Noodle Production Lines 易熟烘干面线

Fresh Instant Noodle Production Lines 鲜面线

Traditional Italian Dry Spaghetti Line / Chinese Dry Wheat Stick Noodle Line 挂面线

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Macaroni Production Line 意粉线

Starch/Rice Vermicelli Production Lines 米粉、粉丝线

Instant Vermicelli Noodle Production Lines 方便米粉线

Corrugated Vermicelli Block Production Line 波粉米粉,波纹粉丝线

Soft Fresh Rice Instant Noodle Machine / Reform Instant Rice Processing Line 鲜河粉线/人造米线

Bagged Instant Noodle Packaging System 袋装方便面/米粉/挂面 包装线

Bowled/Cupped Noodle Packaging 碗面包装线

Seasoning Sachet Machine 酱包、粉包机

Cartoning Machine & Other Food Machine 装箱机、其它设备

This Video Archive contains footages of our noodle lines and vermicelli lines under installation, trial run and  production operation. Some of the video snapshots were taken with cellphone by our field engineers to show realistically our automatic production lines to you. If you have difficulty to access to videos on the archive please feel free to send us a message at info@dasanjiang.biz
so that we will send our videos to you by email.

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