Pneumatic Noodle Block Shaping

The pneumatic noodle block shaping system is the upgraded equipment for the manual operation of noodle block shaping and is the alternative to the mechanical shaping system. In the pneumatic shaping system, after the noodles are put in the noodle trays automatically, pressurized air is blown down against the surface other the noodle blocks on the noodle trays so that the noodle blocks are rearranged and shaped neatly laid inside the noodle trays. With this system, work of 2 to 3 operators will be saved. This system operates very smoothly and is very reliable. We will send you technical details and video footage for this automatic noodle block shaping system. By default our rice instant noodle line and instant ramen production lines are equipped with the automatic system for noodle block shaping.

▶️ Video Presentation: Pneumatic Noodle Block Shaping Scene

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