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Recently we completed a turnkey project in the Philippines, South East Asia a Cornstarch glass vermicelli plant (rice vermicelli production line) with output capacity of 4 tons per 8 hour shift -- BWYMF-4 Cornstarch Vermicelli Production Line (Cornstarch or Rice Vermicelli Production Line, mesin bihun, máy làm miến dong, máy làm miến, máy sấy mỳ gạo miến dong).

This complete set of vermicelli machines can make corn vermicelli, potato vermicelli, yam vermicelli, cassava vermicelli, mungbean vermicelli, and rice cellophane glass vermicelli with cornstarch, tuber starch or rice flour as raw material. We provide optional rice flour processing units including rice solking tanks, dry or mills, and filter or vacuum dehydrators. We also make cornstarch and mungbean starch processing plants.

Asian cellophane glass vermicelli is tranditionaly made from mungbeans; and corn, potato, yam and cassava starch are increasingly becoming popular as raw material.

Corrugated Cellophane Vermicelli Glass Noodle Production Line (our recent project in the Philippines):

BWYMF cornstarch vermicelli production line is a product developed by our company according to market demand. This product has the advantages of advanced design, compact structure, convenient installation, easy operation, high safety and reliability, low energy consumption, low noise (≤80dB), and stable operation.

All parts in contact with foods are made of high-quality stainless steel or high-quality materials that meet food hygiene requirements. The entire production line is controlled by frequency converters, and speed governors with the PLC programmable controller as control centers to automatically manage the production process, achieving the perfect mechatronics, and is currently a relatively advanced cornstarch vermicelli production line.

BWYMF cornstarch vermicelli production line is suitable for continuous production of cornstarch and vermicelli. The product produced by this production line has a neat and beautiful appearance, with uniform and dense ripples, uniform color and luster. The product dry vermicelli, after re-hydration is soft and elastic. They can be used to make vermicelli soup, stir-fried vermicelli, cold salads, etc.

Similar project completed by Da Sanjiang, corrugated cellophane vermicelli glass noodle production line:

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