Manual Noodle Block Shaping - Alternative to Automatic Block Shape Adjustment

In automatic instant noodle production line, after the noodles are steamed, cut into lengths and automatically placed in noodle trays, the noodles have to be adjusted lightly by hand so that the noodle blocks are shaped nicely. Noodle block shaping is to adjust the shape of the noodle blocks and their position in the noodle trays. Noodle block shaping is a required step in the fried and dried instant noodle processing. Traditionally there are 2 to 3 operators to do this job on a 4-6 lane instant noodle line.

Nowadays we upgraded all our production lines with either pneumatic or mechanical automatic system for noodle block shaping following our clients preference. However we are happy to provide the instant noodle production line where there the noodle block shaping is done by hand if you elect to use manual operation.

▶️ Video Presentation: The Manual Noodle Block Shaping Scene

Instant Noodle Processing Line from Dough Mixing to Final Products:

Manual Noodle Block Shaping - Dried Instant Noodle Production Line

Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

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