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Ramen Stick Noodle Production Line - Fully Automatic Complete Set Of Stick Noodle Machines

We provide stick ramen noodle production lines with product output capacities ranging from 2 to 8 tons per 8 hours. We show case here as an example the line of output capacity of 5 tons per 8 hours.

The technology of stick noodle machinery has been mature, steady and easy to control. The coming out product is wonderful and No.1 in China, the match of equipment, automation control, life span of the machines is outstanding.

This stick noodle line of the noodle machinery is highly automatic, the temperature of drying room, humidity can be automatically controlled, many of the index has reach the save power and environment protect standard, the human factor is less, craft work is logical, the quality and shelf life of coming out noodle is much better than other machines in China. Our company got the best technicians and processing equipment, our ramen machines is outstanding, assemble accuracy is high, machine life length is long, running accident rate is low, second investment on machines is zero.

Stick noodle production line flow sheet

Stick noodle production line
Stick Noodle Production Line

Stick noodle production line - hang drying chamber
Stick Noodle Production Line - Drying Chamber

Stick noodle production line - products
Stick Noodle Production Line  - Products

General Description of the Noodle Machinery

1.    production capacity: 5t/8h
2.    No. of worker: about 10 persons
3.    workshop area: 150x60 feet(single floor)  
4.    Total Power: 100kw, 380V/50Hz

Introduction to the stick noodle production line

1. Full automatic wind power feeder of the stick noodle processing line
The worker put in the flour, wind power blow them into mixer, this device not only save labor, but also keep the sanitation, it also can be made that conveyer from flour storage room to machine room.

2. Super powerful mixer for the noodle / ramen line
There are 2 mixers running alternately in this line, while one is feeding the flour timely, another will mix flour. It will let the dough go to next program continuously. The mixer has a rubbing device, which is two slowly agitating claw of SS material.
The dough come out from the mixer will be low temperature, ripe, keep good quality flour. in prevent from the double shaft high speed hot mixer destroying the gluten and the molecular structure. After mixing, the door will open, the dough will fall onto the dough wakening machine. Specification Rubbing time: around 12m( Max. 350kg/pot).      

3. Rolling equipment of the stick noodle processing equipment
It consist of nine pairs of the roller, which is made of nickel molybdenum alloy steel (the same hard with the flour roller) and the driver is easy, logical, and low error rate. It equip with a stepless frequency converter, it runs steady, noiseless, save power. Use hand wheel to adjust the clearance.   

4.Automatic hanging-up machine of the stick noodles production line
The length of the noodle can be adjusted, no break on pole, no falling pole, no accident.
5. Drying room of the stick noodles line
Drying is the most important section in this production line, which adopts rope way type with low temperature, humidity keeping and hot wind. In 3 drying rooms, the temperature is different, highest would be around 35 °C and there are fans to keep the steam outlet.This way can keep the noodle deep dry and save power. In the whole drying room, the temperatures of three areas can be adjusted through the wind door and valve. In this line, we have our special technique to keep the certain humidity to prevent from noodle too dry or only dry at the surface, (especially for the thick noodle), this is also an important way to raise the capacity, extend the validity of noodle, the most impressive feature of the noodle made by this SUZIKI ramen line is: sweet smelling, chewy, smooth, leveling shade, no breaking at the bend, no sourness, long validity. The hang noodle is being conveyed, the speed can be controlled by the frequency converter, automatically fall into the cutting machine. 

6.Automatic cutting machine of the stick noodle machinery
One of the biggest advantage of this ramen machine is, you don’t need so much operators to control frequently, when the noodle start from coming out from drying room, to being cut to output product, you need only one technicians to control, and the program is automatic control. The cutter is using the no teeth blade, the noodle length is the same, broken percentage is low, whole strip percentage is over 90%, all kinds of length can be cut through changing the component. This line showing not consist of the chip collecting and convey device.      

7.Automatic noodle chips collect system (optional unti for the stick noodle line)
The chips caused by the cutting machine, will be grinded by smash machine, and blew to the tiny smashing  machine, finally go into the regeneration storehouse, and rational get into the feeder, blew to the mixer with the new flour. In China, we are the only company having this technique to retrieve the chips. This type of chip collect system is sanitary, all of the chips are running in pipe. Dislike the soaking craftworks, this way would not smelly, Keeping the noodle quality and lower the cost.      

8.HWJ-400 horizontal type auto packaging machine for the stick noodle machines line
It consists of automatic weighing machine, automatic feeding machine and automatic packing machine, becoming the full automatic packaging machine in the true sense. It is suitable for the vermicelli factory to pack products with compound bag. It has merits of reasonable structure, high automaticity and simplicity operating. The daily output may reach 3 to 5 tons (may be different depending on the weight of  the package). It has received the consistent high praise in the long-term use of user community. In raw material selection, mainly use steel structure and stainless steel material in the contact part with food.

Main electric for the noodle line:

     Main electric switch    Japan Fuji
    Motor     Taiwan
    PLC    Mitsubishi
    Weighing meter    Long Xin, henzhen
    Weigh sensor    Tediya-Hentley electron , Beijing
    Switching power supply    Weiming, Shanghai
    Air operated cylinder    Taiwan
    printer    Star of zhonglu, Jinan
    Temperature control meter    Japan ohm dragon
    Electro-optical switch    Japan ohm dragon
    Fund switch    Japan ohm dragon
    Thermo-element    Asia flies,Hangzhou


   1) weighing machine: 1780×750×1200(mm)
   2) elevator: 2010×620×1400(mm)
   3) packing machine: 2250×820×1260(mm)

Main equipment list of stick noodle production line  of the noodle machinery

Item No.    Description    Dimension(mm) (LxWxH)    Q’ty    Power
1    Auto flour feeder    2000x3000x1800        6
1-1    Vortex blower        1 set    
1-2    6L wind close device        1 set    
1-3    5L wind close device        1 set    
1-4    Flour tank(Volume:250kg)        1 set    
1-5    Spiral conveyor        1 set    
1-6    Needle swing reducer        4 sets    
1-8    Stainless steel pipe & glass mirrors(1mm)        1 set    
1-9    Cloth bag dust remover(Cloth bag filter)        1 set    
2    Mixer    2000x1500x2700        15
2-1    Needle swing reducer        2 units    
2-2    SS 304 mixing pan(250kg/batch)        2 units    
2-3    SS 304 mixing claw        4pcs    
2-4    Nylon double-door        4pcs    
2-5    Timing agitator & flour auto-feeder        2pcs    
2-6    Transmission device,Chakroun(SS)        2 set    
3    Level conveyor    3000x600x500        0.75
3-1    Needle swing reducer        1 set    
3-2    Conveyor belt        1pc    
3-3    Drag roller        1 set    
3-4    SS machine cover        1 set    
3-5    Machine frame        1 set    
4    Slope conveyor    6000x600x2000        0.75
4-1    Turbo wheel & reducer        1 set    
4-2    Conveyor belt        1 piece    
4-3    SS machine cover         1 set    
4-4    Drag roller        1 set    
4-5    Machine frame        1 set    
5    Flour crusher    2500x1000x2400        2.2
5-1    SS pan         1 set    
5-2    SS mixing shaft & mixing vane        1 set    
5-3    Needle swing reducer        1 set    
6    Compound rolling machine    1500X1000X900        5.5
6-1    Motor        1 set    
6-2    Turbo reducer        1 set    
6-3    Conveyor belt        1 piece    
6-4    Dough roller of Ni-Mo chilled alloy        3 pairs    
6-5    Noodle inserting device        1 set    
6-6    Transmission device        1 set    
7    Continuous roller    4000x1500x900        7.5
7-1    Motor        1 set    
7-2    Dough roller of Ni-Mo chilled alloy        6 pairs    
7-3    Machine frame        1 set    
7-4    Arch        1 set    
7-5    Transmission device        1 set    
7-6    Slicing knife        1 piece    
7-7    Gear chain variable speed device        1 set    
7-8    Angle controller        1 set    
7-9    Permanent magnet        1 set    
8    Automatic Hanging-up machine    1000x900x1500        0.55
8-1    Noodle rod box        1 set    
8-2    Transmission conveyor device        1 set    
8-3    Conveyor belt        1 piece    
8-4    Clutch        1 piece    
9    Mechanical auto Hanging-rod machine    900x800x600        0.55
9-1    Machine frame        1 set    
9-2    Transmission device        1 set    
10    Transitional device    35000x12000x3500        5.5
10-1    Motor        1 set    
10-2    Needle swing reducer        1 set    
10-3    Steel wire rope        370m    
10-4    Big rotating pan,Vertical shaft        1 set    
10-5    Big worm wheel,Worm rod,Transmission shaft        1 set    
10-6    Oil receiving pan,Support frame        1 set    
10-7    Tripod,Large beam        1 set    
10-8    Stick noodle hanger        1 set    
10-9    Noodle hanging rod(SS)        1 set    
10-10    Saddle        1 set    
10-11    Structural parts rail required angle & column        1 set    
11    Auto-off the shelf machine    600x800x2200        0.55
11-1    Transmission device        1 set    
11-2    Machine frame        1 set    
12    Truncation system    2000x900x1500        3
12-1    Single-slicer cutter(include control system)    1 set        
12-2    Rod device    1 set        
13    Integer cutting  machine    900x400x600        0.55
14    Fans in the workshop            
15    Heat exchanger            
16    Fans            
17    Brine system    1500x2000        3
17-1    Big brine tank (SS304)
Below is same .        1 set    
17-2    Automated rationing cylinder        1 set    
17-3    SS water pump        2 sets    
17-4    SS agitator        1 set    
17-5    SS pipe & valve        1 set    
18    Electrical control cabinet of the noodle machinery   Siemens     5 sets    
19    Crushing system            25
19-1    Coarse crusher        1 set    
19-2    Fine crusher        1 set    
19-3    Material Storage tank        1 set    
19-4    Cloth bag dust remover(Cloth bag filter)        1 set    
19-5    Chakroun         2 sets    
19-6    Wind closing device        3 sets    
19-7    Vortex blower        2 sets    
19-8    Delivery pipeline        1 set  

1.    Construction project, blast pipe, humidity-discharging pipe, dividing-plate for drying-room, hanging-frame place and noodle-sliding tray much be provided by buyer. And the charge of above items are for buyer’s account .we provide relevant chart and technology decription of the noodle machinery. The layout of hot-air and moisture-removing duct provided out by the supplier within 15 days after the contract enters into force.  
2.    Buyer must connect steam-pipe and power to the designated spot according to our layout of the noodle machinery. the total valve for steam and power if for buyer’s account. But steam-pipe and connection and electronic wire in the production line are for seller’s account.
3.    Packing for the above units: 4 pcs.40 feet standard container, total weight 43T.

Main instruments of laboratory of the stick noodle line                                         

Item No.    Instrument name    Model
1    Acidometer     PHS-25
2    Composite electrode    E-201
3    Table balance    JYT-2
4    Electronic balance    g
5    Analytical balance(feeling measures 0.0001g)    
6    Electric-heating distilled water device    YN.ZD
7    Pure work table    SA-960-2
8    Hot blast drying oven    202-2
9    Limitless high speed electrically operated mixer    
10    spectrophotometer    721
11    Muffle furnace        KSW-4D-11
12    Temperature adjustment electric stove    
13    Noodle crusher    
14    The acid and alkali burets   

15    Drying device of the noodle machinery
16    Pan pliers    
17    Gluten test machine    
18    Electrically operated centrifuge(3000r/min)    
19    Constant temperature oscillator(Frequency 140r/min)     
20    Iron stand set    
21    Aibedo meter  
Stick Noodle Line

Stick Noodle Line

Stick Noodle Line

Stick Noodle Line

Stick Noodle Line