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Artificial Rice, Reformed Rice, Instant Rice Production Line

Reformed rice is re-shaped granular rice made very economically from broken rice or less economically from whole rice. Artificial rice is made from other grains especially cornmeal or coarse corn flour (maize flour) although it is also possible to make artificial rice from broken rice. It takes only 8 minutes to cooked a variety of rice dishes from reformed rice or artificial rice, therefore they are usually market as instant rice in small packs. Because of low glycemic index, artificial rice and reformed rice are recommended for diabetes patients.

Our DSJ-200 Serial Artificial Rice, Reformed Rice, Instant Rice Production Lines produce bright jade-like color, beautifully re-shaped rice grains from broken rice, cornmeal, coarse corn flour (maize flour) or any other grains or starch. Artificial rice and reformed rice made by our production lines of state of art technology keep the whole flavor of the original grains with greatly improved texture, more attractive appearance and more convenience for cooking. Also, the DSJ-200 Serial Artificial Rice, Reformed Rice, Instant Rice Production Lines make it easy to enrich vitamin A, vitamin B, iron and some other vitamin and mineral that natural rice is lack of, resulting in an enriched rice product to improve the health of consumers.


Mill → mix machine → screw feeder → double screw extrusion machine → cooling conveyor → send wind machine → multilayer dryer → send wind machine → polishing machine

Capacity 200-250kg/h Reform Rice Processing Line

Main equipment

MC Parameter 粉碎机 Mill 拌粉机 Mixer 螺旋上料 Screw feeder 膨化机 Extrusion 冷却输送 Cooling conveyor 风送机 Wind sending 烤箱 dryer 风送 Wind sending 抛光机 polishing
Power(kw) 158kw 15 3 1.1 61 1 1.1 52.2 1.1 22
size(m) 22x1.5x1.9 1.4×1.1×1.5 0.8×0.55×1.1 3.2×0.6×0.7 2.6x0.9x1.3 5.2×0.8×1.4 1.1×0.6×0.5 8.4×1.3×1.8 1.1×0.6×0.5 1.5x0.6x1.85
Price(USD) 1600 800 1900 13300 1900 800 13400 800 7800

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