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Answers to Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) about Wheat and Rice Instant Noodles Making Machine

Long before modern Asian instant noodles making machines were invented, in the East and West, wheat pasta had been prepared by deep frying followed by cooking in a broth. One of these ancient recipes is E-fu noodles that are still a famous dish in every Chinese restaurant. The modern instant noodles made by noodles making machine are invented by Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods. He is also the first manufacturer of the instant noodle line. Instant noodles made by the state of art instant noodle production lines are pre-cooked and dried pasta that can be very quickly and easily prepared to serve as fast food. The instant noodles making machine manufacturers recommand use palm oil to fry the steamed noodles made by the noodle line to remove the moisture so that the cooked noodles can be kept for a long time without refrigerators. Asian instant noodle made by such noodles making machine can easily rehydrate when they are steeped in hot water. The resulting instant noodles are ready to eat just by soaking the dried noodles in hot water for a few minutes. In recent year, non-fried instant noodles are become quite popular, which are made by hot-air-drying processing line instead of deep frying.

Wheat flour starch is the main component of instant noodles made with Da Sanjiang Instant Noodles Making Machine or Rice Noodles Making Machine. The key to make good noodles is to fully gelatinize starch in the noodles and rapidly dehydrate the noodles under temperature conditions that the start will not "regenerate" (become kind of raw starch again) .

Therefore, in the instant noodles making machine or the rice noodles making machine, the principle is "fully gelatinization, fast dehydration." Instant noodle production technology is the production process by firstly mixing a certain amount of wheat flour, water and other additives to obtain a dough with proper flexibility, toughness, and extensibility, and secondly the dough sheet such obtained is compressed to form a continuous uniform sheet by the roller machine of the complete set of the wheat or rice noodles making machines.

After that, the sheet is sliced and twisted into wavy and corrugated noodles mass that are conveyed, with a continuous mesh belt of the instant noodles making machine line, into a steamer where the surface temperature of noodles reaches 95 ~ 105 ℃; for about 60 ~ 90 seconds, starch in noodles is gelatinized, protein denaturated and the raw noodles are turned into cooked noodles.

When the noodles that have been steamed in the steaming device in the instant noodles making machine line, are conveyed out of the steamer, cold wind is blew through the noodles surface and a portion of the water is evaporated. At this point in the line of the instant noodles making machines, the bulk rows of noodles are cut quantitatively and folded into two layers; and the last step of the instant noodle processing is through automatic frying machine or hot air dryer, wherer more rapid dehydration of noodles take place; after this treatment, a lot of micro-pores formed on the surface of the noodles, resulting in good rehydration property.

The final instant noodles are ready to serve, after soaking in hot water for 3 ~ 5 minutes. If flavored with a variety of different flavors of broth, it tastes better. Coupled with different soups base, packed in bowls, cups or bags that are available in the market, a large variety of noodles are produced by Wheat Instant Noodles Making and Rice Noodles Making Machine.

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