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Fresh/Dried Instant Rice Noodle Machines
And Fresh Wheat Flour Wudon Noodle Machine

Fresh/Dried Rice Noodle Machine, Production Line

This video shows a complete set of DSJ Machinery instant fresh noodle machines that makes sliced soft fresh rice noodles automatically.  First rice is soaked in warm water, than is milled to prepare a paste, which is spreed into a sheet, which is steamed, cooled and cut into slices. The fresh rice noodle machine process is fully automatic.

Both the fresh and dried rice noodle machine unites have a the mechanism for soaking rice, milling the soaked rice into a prepared paste (slurry), and then the paste is transferred to a moving belt to produce a soft sheet by steaming. The fresh sheet can be cut into sliced fresh rice noodles or fresh sliced ​​rice rolls. Powdered vegetable can be added to suit customer's favor and enhance the nutrition value. Considerable amount of fresh rice noodles and fresh rice rolls sold in the U.S. are made by our fresh rice noodle machine.

The slurry layer of is thicker when fresh jelly noodles are the designated final products. To dried rice noodle products pre-drying and aging is required the rice pasta sheets are → into rice noodles and the cabin dryer is used to dry the rice vermicelli bundles or round-shaped or rectangular rice noodle blocks.

Dried Instant Rice Noodle Machines
- Nguyen Mama instant pho machines

Instant rice noodles are also called instant rice vermicelli or instant glass noodles. There are usually two types of products in bags and bowls. Quality standards: The yield is 90-93%, the moisture content of the finished product is 10-12%, the appearance is crystal clear, the shape is regular, the noodles are continuous, the soup is not mushy, and it has a chewy texture. It can be eaten after soaking in water at 85-100 degree Celsius (°C) for 3 minutes. It is widely popular in China and abroad for its unique flavor, tender texture, rapid rehydration, pleasant bite and rich taste combination.

Process Flow For Producing Instant Rice Noodles

Blending rice → washing and moistening → adding starch → grinding → blending → awakening → steaming and aging → extruding filaments → loose filaments → cutting cinnamon sticks → aging → re-steaming → cooling → watering and loosening → cutting → measuring → Shaping → Drying → Instant rice noodles

Wheat Flour Fresh Wudon Noodle Machine
-Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line

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This video shows a DSJ instant fresh noodle line that is similar to the Non-Fried Instant Noodle Line but there is no drying operation units. Instead the fresh instant noodles (Wudon noodles) are chilled after packing. We sold two lines of this type of instant Wudon noodle machines to a food manufacturer in England.

In the UK Market: Pre-Boiled Fresh Noodles
Made by Da Sanjiang Fresh Instant Production Noodle Line

Fresh Wheat Wudon Noodle Production Process

Raw material  (flour) lifting → stirring dough making → aging feeding → composite rolling → continuous rolling → cutting and corrugating → steaming → cooking → air cooling → water cooling → air drying → oiling →  packaging machines → products

Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line - Compounding Rolling

Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line - Continuous Rolling

Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line - Noodle Cutting

Fresh Instant Noodle Machine - Dough Making

Fresh Instant Noodle Machine - Steamer

Fresh Instant Noodle Machine - Cooking Tank

Fresh Instant Noodle Machine - Air Cooling Chamber

Fresh Instant Noodle Machine - Water Cooling Tank