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About Our Products
Two Operators to Run an Instant Noodle Line
We Cater to Customer's Design or Specifications
About Our Products
Two Operators to Run an Instant Noodle Line
We Cater To Customer's Design or Specifications

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About Da Sanjiang's Instant Noodle Machine

Our company has recently acquired all the assets of Guangzhou Institute of Food Science (formerly known as Guangzhou Grain Machinery Factory, transaction ID SW2014R0185-2-01 by Guangzhou City Property Exchange). We also recruited their engineers, managers, senior technicians and so on. This 30 years old enterprise, the only state-owned industrial vermicelli and instant noodles making machine manufacturing company in Guangdong Province has ended their business in food machinery manufacturing and its human resources and machinery processing equipment merged into our company - we are growing more and more powerful.

We are eager to serve you with our skills and expertise.

Fried Ramen Instant Noodle Machine

We are Da SanJiang Machinery Co., Ltd. from Guangzhou, China. We make noodle machines, production lines and build turnkey noodle plants. Our products and services include the following machines and assemblies, namely fried and non-fried instant noodle machines, fresh instant noodle making machines, ramen noodle production lines and rice vermicelli noodle production lines, which produce instant cup noodles and bag noodles, easy-to-cook dry ramen noodles and corn/mung bean/potato/cassava/rice vermicelli. All our noodle machines are made of food grade stainless steel and are fully automatic.

  • We are original fried instant noodle machine and non-fried instant noodle machine manufacturer. We sell instant noodle processing machines, include conveyor systems, dough processing devices, dough sheet pressing roller system, noodle shredding cutter, steamer, deep fryer, hot-air-dryer and more.
  • We build turnkey plants, with all fried and non-fried instant noodle machines properly installed. We commence and complete the trial runs and train the staff to run the plants. Instruction to operate each instant noodle machine will be given to the operators.
  • We provide support after we sell you the instant noodle machine assembly. We supply parts and replacement devices, carry out maintenance and repair. You can also get seasoning sachets and noodle packaging materials from us.
  • We upgrade plants with older instant noodle machines to brand new modern facilities. This is a recent project by Da SanJiang to have upgraded the 20 years old fried instant noodle plant to a new one running a complete set of instant noodle machines that make round shaped, heated-air-dried noodle blocks.

Dry Instant Noodles Making Machine

Unlike non-fried instant noodles, easy-to-cook dry instant noodles are not fully precooked so that you need to cook them before serving. Hot-air-dried noodle blocks made by our instant noodle making machines are ready to serve after cooking for 5 minutes in microwave oven.

  • Instead of using deep fryer, dry instant noodles making machine uses hot-air-dryer to dehydrate the precooked noodle blocks. The drying temperature is usually around 80 degree Celsius to make easy to cook dry noodle blocks, while the optimal drying temperature for non-fried instant noodles making is around 100 degree Celsius.
  • Easy-to-cook dry noodles are usually thicker then non-fried instant noodles and our dry instant noodles making machine assembly can process coarse whole wheat flour, corn flour, millet flour etc., to make dry noodles.
  • Drying method instant noodles making machine can make a varieties of Asian ramen noodles including Chinese and Indian dry Hakka noodle blocks and Japanese ramen.
  • Dry noodle blocks made by our instant noodles making machine contain little or no food additives. In Asia and Africa, the coarse flour raw materials are much less expensive yet more nutritious and healthier; and the resulting dry noodle products are well regarded in the market.

Multi-layer Instant Noodle Machine Steamer - Optionally you may select the single layer steamer if your have a lot of space. The steamer is a required machine for fried and non-fried instant noodle and dried cooking instant noodle making plants.

Instant Noodle Machine - Fryer

Instant Noodle Machine Fryer - This machine is for fried instant noodle lines, fried noodle snacks, fried chi chin and other fried food processing.

Instant Noodle Machine - threading

Mult-layer Dryer - The dryer is a required machine for the non-fried and dried cooking instant noodle machine assemblies. If you have enough space you may elect to use the single layer dryer.
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